‘Every Stitch Is Divine’ is an initiative which knits and provides blankets to children in need. This initiative, which was launched in 2014, is based in New Delhi, India. Participation in this endeavour is voluntary. Each contributor is free to knits as many 20cmx20cm squares as they can, using any colour(s) as they like. The organizers, who also knit, collect these squares and weave them into blankets which are then given to the children. As the name of this initiative suggests, even one stitch or square will be considered a very generous contribution towards this endeavour. Although this cause is based in New Delhi, India, participants don’t have to be physically present in this region to make their contributions. They can knit in their homes and send the squares to the address which will be provided upon request. We hope that many people from across the country and the globe will support this endeavour from their hearts so that we can do as much good for as many children as possible, especially in this day and age.

(This is inspired by a group of women in South Africa who ‘knitted blankets for AIDS orphans’ in South Africa.)