Rider's Profile

Rahul Kumawat

Rahul Kumawat is an experienced rider with a capital E. He has ridden multiple charity rides across the length and breadth of the country including a 3114 km Chennai to Delhi ride for several social causes.An engineer by profession, Rahul is pursuing his masters from IIFT,Delhi. Do have a look at the photo that has been uploaded. There is a dashing young man standing right next to Mr. Milind Soman! Rahul is riding for the cause of eradicating malnutrition and hunger. Ride2light is extremely proud to ride with Rahul Kumawat.Rahul is riding the Udaipur to Delhi stretch.

Guru Prasad

GuruPrasad is a 34 year old young soldier who is serving in the Indian Airforce. He discovered cycling as a passion when he came across Aditya Mehta Cyclist,a para athele and also an Asian Para Olympics Medal winner. Guru also rode with naga raj, the guinness record holder for the longest cycle journey in a country. Guru gave him company from Agra to Gwalior and back. Guru wishes that everybody switches to cycling as a mode of transport for short distances so that we can tackle the problem of pollution, traffic and also improve our health.He will join Rahul Kumawat in the Udaipur -Delhi Sector.#ride2light is proud to ride with Guru.

Ajishad Aziz

Aziz never mentions his age. He believes that age is just a number and a man must not be defined by a number. A former Hewlett Packard employee, Aziz is passionate about travelling, trekking , adventure sports and more importantly cycling. Aziz has ridden short and long distances, ranging from 10 km rides to 500+km rides. He currently rides a Trek 7.1 fx. Aziz has been chased by elephants and humans during his rides. Aziz believes that the entire world is one large family and we all are related if we go back in time. With this, he hopes that all of us acknowledge each others as members of one giant family and hopefully treat others with compassion and love, rather than hatred and suspicion that we generally dole out to others. Aziz plans to start the ride from Bangalore and end the ride at Delhi, making him our first “Full distance” rider.Welcome to #ride2light Aziz and we hope to continue riding till we make a dent in all the problems that we lay our hands on.

Chandan Tiwary

Chandan is one of those unassuming blokes who you might miss at first sight but he is one of those who truly believes that in the happiness of others lies one's own happiness. Trained as a Lawyer and working as an in-house counsel for a govt company in Delhi, Chandan come from a very humble background of a small village. Cycling has always been a passion and a necessity from childhood till college. Having hosted numerous Couchsurfers and cyclists at his place, he has had a better understanding of the world and the issues and therefrom results an ardent desire to contribute for the cause of others. He identifies himself with the cause of the poor and downtrodden. Chandan is inseparable from his Victoria, his cycle. Recently he cycled in Nepal for 12 days with a cyclist he hosted on Warmshowers giving him new perspective about cycling. He hopes this tour would help him understand people and places better and help him grow besides contributing to the cause as well.

Anish Shetty

Anish Shetty is more into cycling because of passion.He loves cycling and have been on long cycling rides just to enjoy life and experiencing it on a cycle.So much so that he only need a reason to cycle. When he read about Ride2light's initiative, he thought there could be no better way to contribute to the world other than passion. Its just like a person being paid for the most enjoyable thing he/she does. A win-win situation for him, he says. He has done more than a couple of 250km rides. This ride is special as this is a ride with a purpose. Anish's favorite quote is the Einstein quote "Life is like riding a cycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving".

Paritosh Verma

We have had riders from the army, law, hardcore cyclists and working professionals. It is time to introduce a PhD student into this eclectic mix of riders. Now try imagining the conversation between them! Welcome @paritoshverma to Ride2Light Paritosh is from Kota, Rajasthan and is an avid cyclist. A brilliant student, Paritosh is working towards hi PhD in general relativity and cosmology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Paritosh is in India on a break and that is when he came across the Ride2Light Initiative. We call this serendipity. Paritosh has ridden several times across the EU,USA and also India. He rides with @ride2light to experience the thrill of doing a 2400 km ride and also to contribute to the causes.